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What’s wrong with my dog’s dinner?

Dogs, here at Grubbo, we love em. 

Big ones, small ones, cheeky ones, muddy ones, stinky ones. They makes us laugh, and sometimes cry (why is it always your best sunnies they choose to chew?) We love their doggy smiles, silly stunts and awesome hugs. We just couldn’t live in a world without dogs.

But it turns out, dogs are not so great for the planet.

Because of the meat they eat, dogs have a pretty large environmental “pawprint” – see what we did there?

In fact, according to research published in New Scientist, the carbon footprint of a medium sized dog (we are looking at you Labradors) is the same as driving a 4WD. 

Our dogs are chomping through roughly 20% of the meat produced globally, creating significant impact in terms of water waste, Co2 production and inefficient land use. 

With 5 million dogs in Australia and counting (hello, COVID furbabies), you can see why this might be a bigger problem than you’d think. 

But dogs need meat, right? What’s a planet loving pet parent to do?

Here’s the clever bit. Dogs actually need quality protein, not necessarily meat. 

And the best form of non-meat protein for dogs (and actually for humans too), with all the essential amino acids and nutrients they need to thrive is, you guessed it. Insects. 

Don’t just take our word for it, the British Veterinary Association (BVA) says insect-based foods may be better for pets than prime steak. 

Hold up! Don’t be rushing to the backyard for din dins.. 

Before you start filling up your best mate’s bowl with any old random grubs, we’ve already done the hard yards.

The insect meal we use at Grubbo is specially farmed from Black Soldier Fly larvae (AKA Hermetia Illucens for those into latin) to produce high quality protein. 

We then mix with everything your dog needs for a nutritionally balanced and complete diet to the highest global dog food standards (aka AAFCO).  

And to make it even easier, we deliver it to your door when you need it! And in the wag of a tail you and your dog are total eco heroes!

Our next batch of Grubbo is coming soon. We can’t WAIT for you to try it. 

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